Be Prepared – Car Accident Checklist

Be Prepared – Car Accident Checklist

According to insurance industry statistics, the average person is involved in an auto accident once every 7 years. Chances are if you started driving at 16, you’ll experience a few car accidents in your lifetime.

Being in a car accident can range from the traumatic if someone is injured, to the inconvenient if a minor crash leaves you without transportation while your car is being repaired.  Regardless of the severity, an accident is never anticipated and most always turns your life upside down, at least temporarily.

Gathering the right information at the scene of the crash can alleviate some of the delays in the claim handling process, as well as provide you with direction when you are caught up in the emotion of the moment.

The Accident Checklist should be kept in your glove box, along with a pen.  Print a copy of the Checklist for each car you own and keep it with your vehicle registration and insurance information.


Welcome to Destination Safety, a weekly blog offering a personal look at automobile safety and related topics. As a mother of two, my goal has always been to impart a little wisdom, share my experiences – good and bad - and do my best to keep my children safe. Protecting yourself and the ones you love. That’s really what safety is all about. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism in 1982. Given that the job market for a young, relatively green wordsmith was a little tight, I took a job with Allstate Insurance in their personal lines claim department. I witnessed firsthand the perils of driving. As luck would have it, several years later a position opened in the Corporate Relations Department. I was once again embracing my passion for communications, this time with an awakened appreciation for the importance of advocating for safer roads and safer drivers. After years of mid-western living, we moved to sunny Florida seven years ago. My 17-year-old son gives me lots of fodder for safety tips and my 24-year-old daughter, well let’s just say, she learned to drive in the snow. I used to wish for a doctor in the family. Now I’m thankful for my relationship with Sterling Autobody Centers.


  • Hi there destination safety!

    I did not know the average person is involved in at least one car accident every seven years.
    Your accident checklist was extensive and very insightful!!

    Thanks for the read

    • Thank you for your comments. I think I used up all my accidents in my teen years and have been accident free for many years. I realize though that it’s more important than ever to be a defensive driver. Having been an insurance adjuster early in my career, I realized that many people left the scene of an accident without important information. The accident checklist is a great resource to keep in the glove compartment.

  • Everyday there are many accidents on roads. Most of the accidents happen because of distractions while driving such as using mobile phones, listening music etc. Reckless driving is also one of the major causes of accidents on roads. It is necessary that every person should drive carefully on roads. It is essential that your vehicle should be insured so that in case something unfortunate happens i.e. an accident, then you can get money for the damages incurred. There are many car insurance companies today, but choosing the right one is essential. As soon as the accident happens you should take photographs of the scene and collect as much information you can to show the evidences of the accident. If you are aware of the various types of accidents that can happen on roads, then you can avoid the accidents. To know about the various types of car accidents you can have a look at this blog


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