Rebuilding, Restoring and Enriching Lives Through Breast Cancer Awareness

Rebuilding, Restoring and Enriching Lives Through Breast Cancer Awareness

Having a positive impact on the environment, people, and communities should be a core value of any company doing business today.  It’s just the right thing to do.  Consumers today are savvier and our buying decisions are often influenced by the contributions companies make and their willingness to give back. We proudly support breast cancer awareness.

At Sterling Autobody Centers our commitment to taking care of people goes far beyond the walls of our collision repair shops.  With every repair, every weld, every paint stoke, and every technician who touches a vehicle, we travel the road with you.

This month, Sterling is donating $10,000 to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s life saving work around breast cancer research and treatment.  Our 1200 plus employees will come together to help raise breast cancer awareness and participate in local fundraising events.

To learn more about Sterling’s culture of giving back to the communities where we work and live, watch this short video below.

Jean King, Sterling’s Sr. National Sales and Relationship Manager was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago.  Any cancer diagnosis is devastating.  It evokes fear, uncertainty and loss.  And like most women, it was Jean’s inner strength and the love for her family that saw her through.

This year over 200,000 men and women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  40,000 people will lose their lives.  Men and women we know and who we love.  When someone close to us is diagnosed with cancer, our lives are touched as well. We grieve with them, we fight for them, and we celebrate every milestone, remission and cure.

While every woman reacts differently to the diagnosis and treatment, Jean chose to maintain as much normalcy as possible.  “The most important thing to me during this time was to act like nothing was going on.  Running a business, being a mother and wife, my goal was continue to push forward and be strong for them.  I was scared during this time, but my family was more scared.  Seeing the fear in their eyes kept me from showing my pain.”

To many, cancer is the fear of tomorrows not shared…..graduations, weddings, and grandchildren.  Jean remembers the fear of not seeing her only son get married.
Twenty years later Jean is cancer-free. While the fear never goes away, today she enjoys every moment spent with her granddaughter Raegan.

Jean Photo

Whatever your journey with cancer holds, whether you have been diagnosed with cancer, or your know or love someone who has, life is not the same. From the fear of a recurrence to appreciating every day, we learn not to sweat the small stuff and to celebrate life’s small blessings.

“Every life event is a milestone”, says Jean.  “Spending time with the ones I love is what it is all about”.

Jean is a true inspiration to breast cancer survivors and a blessing to work with.  Sterling would not be whole without her.

To learn more about breast cancer research, treatment and support, visit the Susan G. Komen website.


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  • Jean King is an inspiration to all! Her battle with chemo was an incredible display of courage and determination. I was her neighbor at the time and I had only met her a few months before. I never saw her complain or even allow the neighbors to know. She carried on with business as usual. My husband and I have become very close friends with her and her husband these past 20 years. She is an amazingly positive person and that is 90% of why she survived. WE wouldn’t be whole without her either!

  • Jean is one of those special people who radiate life – she is beautiful inside and out. She is focused, positive and one of the most high-energy people I’ve known. She is one smart lady who has her priorities in order – her faith, her family, her friends, and her love of life. Family, friends and pets are beneficiaries of her generosity and willingness to lend a helping hand. Jean doesn’t just “live” but has the gift of celebrating life; it is evident in everything she does– her parties are legendary, her home is beautiful, her yard is a paradise, time with her granddaughter is precious. With Jean, failure in any situation is not an option. Her inner strength and determination have made her a success, even in her battle with cancer. Jean and her husband Harry are dear friends and neighbors who have added so much to our lives over the past 15 years.


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