The Dangers of Texting

The Dangers of Texting

These days it isn’t often that my teenage son sits down for some” quality” time with Mom. So when he interrupted my weekly Cupcake Wars fix, I gladly turned over the remote control. I was doing my best to act interested in the dirt bike races he was watching, when an AT&T commercial featuring their “Last Text” campaign came on. The commercial features somber parents and a screen shot of the last text their daughter sent before being involved in a fatal accident. AT&T’s message is “no text is worth dying over.” The dangers of texting is a conversation my son and I had too many times to count.

stop-textingAs we watched the commercial, I resisted the opportunity to lecture, and therefore ruin the moment. Thank you AT&T for taking a stand against texting and driving, and for running the commercial during a show primarily watched by teenage boys.

The AT&T campaign is one of the strongest No Texting campaigns I’ve seen. I visited their website today and was impressed by all it had to offer. From the No Texting While Driving pledge to the Texting and Driving Simulator to their DriveMode® app that when enabled and the vehicle is moving 25 mph, automatically sends a customizable auto-reply message to incoming texts*, letting friends know you’re behind the wheel and will reply when it’s safe.

Some states have begun enacting laws addressing driving and using electronic devises. Washington was the first state to ban texting in 2007. For a complete list of state distracted driving laws go to:


Unfortunately the dangers of texting don’t stop at getting behind the wheel of a car. Just this month texting by the pilot of a medical helicopter contributed to a crash that killed four people. Although no U.S. airline crashes have been tied to texting, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed regulations prohibiting airline flight crews from using cell phones and other wireless devises while a plane is in operation.


And finally there are those folks who feel they can text while walking. You may have seen the youtube videos of folks typing away and walking out in front of traffic, falling into fountains, or banging into street lights.

We live in a fast-paced world where multi-tasking is the norm. What do you think needs to be done to eliminate the dangers associated with texting?


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